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“We run the risk of assuming that many people know what true leadership is, but this is not always so…” In a time when so much is being written about leadership, Samson Baptist introduces dimensions not commonly discussed. Penned after an eventful mission trip to Nakuru, Kenya in which unforeseen circumstances tested his leadership on all fronts, Samson Baptist presents a concise look at the issues faced by leaders and those that serve under them. In Taking Up Space vs. Taking Your Place, we walk through the fundamentals of leadership: drawing heavily on examples given by the contrasting lives and leadership styles of David and Saul as well as real life experiences. This book, the first in the leadership series, highlights leadership qualities to be emulated, provides the tools necessary for self examination and a summary of practical tips on how to improve where needed at the end of each chapter. Applicable in both the church and the marketplace, it provides relevance in whatever capacity you may …

Taking Up Space vs Taking Your Place

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